Leek, Chard & Corn Flatbread

I’m gearing up to head out of town for 6 weeks for my new job. I get to come home briefly on the weekends, but my poor fiance is going to have to fend for himself at dinner time during the week. He is very capable of feeding himself. He’s a wonderful cook and he’s even the master behind the homemade pasta that I posted yesterday. But when it comes to being alone and feeding himself he tends to forget about eating until he’s starving and then he downs a frozen pizza.
I guess I’m just worried about him (mostly because I’m going to just miss the heck out of him) and my hope is that if he is going to eat pizza every day that he at least makes a healthy version like this 
Leek, Chard & Corn Flatbread from Smitten Kitchen. 
It’s delicious and easy to make. It is definitely way better than the food I’ll be cooking up in my hotel microwave! 

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