My 20’s Bucket List

I didn’t realize how many cool things I’ve done already by the age of 23 until I started writing my 20’s Bucket List. I was looking for ideas to inspire me, but I’ve done so much of what is on other similar age appropriate bucket lists (or it’s things I just don’t care about like partying in Vegas). Mostly because those lists were a bit lame and included things like “move out of your parents house”. Which I respect, because I didn’t go away to school so I definitely felt like I lived at home longer than everyone else. But I digress! I’ve seen some natural wonders of the world, I’m SCUBA certified, I can cook, I’m about to get married, I did cancer research, I live in a city where I have amazing food and fun, I just got a “grown-up” job.

It’s funny how I compare myself to other people and think that I just live the most boring life ever. I’m a list person so I guess I needed to sit down and make one to figure out that my life is actually pretty amazing.

I’m so thankful for everything that I have experienced, everyone in my life, and everything that I have, but I always need to strive for more.

1. Learn a language…fluently!

I took 4 years of Spanish and hell if I can even speak one sentence of it now. For some reason I just really want to learn French so I can go to France and order some wine without looking like a tool.

Update May 2015: Thanks to duolingo I’m working to get back in the Spanish habit and start on my French.

Update September 2016: This is not really happening. I don’t know.

2. Re-learn ballet.

I took ballet for about 10 years as a kid. I really loved it, but was heart broken when my instructor decided to leave her studio to dance in Chicago and I gave it up. Ballet is the OCD girl’s dance.

Update March 2014: Worked on it, not nearly as fun as I remember.

3. Visit New Orleans.

I don’t know why I want to spend time there so badly, but I want to soak up some voodoo and eat a bunch of beignets.

4 – 6. See the Northern Lights, learn astronomy, get a telescope.

I feel like these three are related. I had a telescope as a kid and I’m pretty sure I saw a UFO. Don’t laugh! My dad is in the aircraft field and I called him while he was at work one night to tell him about what I saw. He told me that only 1 plane could do what I described and there were only a couple of them left in the world. Therefore, I decided it had to be a UFO. SHUT UP.

Update December 2013: Merry Christmas to me!

7. Become a Wine Connoisseur.

Update October 2013: I have yet to find a wine I don’t enjoy. Grenache is the new fav!

Update March 2014: Unless I become a sommelier (not in the plans) this item will just be ever evolving for me. I’m at a point where I think I can cross this off of the list, but I’ll never stop trying new wines!

8. Meditate daily and practice yoga on a regular basis.

Update March 2014: This is another item that will ever be complete, but I will say I’ve had a solid three months of regular meditation & yoga practice. It feels wonderful.

9. Donate Blood.

I have the universal donor blood type and I am a universal chicken that needs to suck it up and give someone my blood.

10. Invest My Moolah in the Market.

Done September 2013!

11 – 12. Visit Pike Place and Go Whale Watching.

Done September 2013!

13. Attend some TED Talks.

Update May 2015: Honestly, I can’t find any talks to actually attend!

14. Learn more about US & World history.

I feel like everyone knows more than I do.

Update September 2016: New party trick alert! I have the US Presidents memorized in order. Test me!

15. Become passionate about a cause or charity and get actively involved.

Update March 2014: Looked into several organizations and donated to many, but haven’t found one I’m excited about quite yet.

Update May 2015: This is the first year that Bryce and I are starting to feel like real Milwaukee residents to the point where we’ve become sustaining members of local radio stations and started to meet and network with more people in the city. I still don’t have a particular charity that I’m involved with, but I don’t want to jump into something and feel like I need to be fully committed to it quite yet.

16. Visit the Smithsonian.

17. Travel, travel, travel.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

Update March 2014: Another item that will never be done. Seattle & Portland have been checked off the list!

Update May 2015: The travel was minimal this past year as we’ve been working to save money and pay down debts. It will be a lot easier to travel when we don’t have that monkey on our backs anymore!

Update September 2016: This year I was able to do some major travel. I’ve been to Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Nevada, and the Philippines!

18. Revamp my wardrobe and own everything that J. Crew makes.

Okay, that part may be a bit unrealistic.

Update October 2013: I’m no longer allowed to buy shoes from Target because they fall apart after a week and they make my feet hurt. Husband says I’m only allowed to buy good shoes from now on so that he doesn’t have to hear me complain. You don’t have to twist my arm!

Update March 2014: Definitely getting there! Moving motivated me to clean out my closet. Got rid of the junk and I have purchased several higher quality clothing items in recent months (many from J. Crew).

Update May 2015: I’ve really focused on clearing out my wardrobe the past few months and replacing pieces with higher quality items. I have a much more minimal wardrobe now and I actually love the clothes that I have. I’m no longer keeping anything for sentimental value or with the idea that I’ll need it for something someday. We all know that day was never going to come!

19. Trade in our falling apart cheap furniture.

Get a new mattress, couch, and some real bookshelves.

Update October 2013: We have a new TV stand and dining room chairs. It’s a start!

Update May 2015: We’ve updated quite a bit. Most importantly, we have a new mattress from Tuft & Needle that I absolutely love. I’d still love a new couch at some point, but I think ours has a couple years left in her.

Update September 2016: Real bookshelves are a go! Just deciding on when to get that couch. I have one picked out, I’m just not sure we should get it while we are still living in our current place. I think maybe I’ll go for it once we have a house.

20. Get married to my best friend.

Done September 2013!

What’s on your bucket list?


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