Wedding Cake – Help Me Decide!

As many of you know, Bryce and I have been engaged for a long time. That means I’ve had far too much time to change my mind about what I want for our wedding.

For most of that time we didn’t want a wedding cake. We were going to do some kind of dessert buffet and cut into a fruit tart for the symbolism. My parents didn’t have a wedding so definitely no wedding cake. On their 25th anniversary last year I threw them a surprise party and made a cake so they could finally cut into it together.

That made me realize I wanted us to have a wedding cake (that and my mom pestering me – love you mom!). But now the decision has to be made…what do I want my wedding cake to look like?!

Help me out! Let me know which of these cakes is your favorite.


5 thoughts on “Wedding Cake – Help Me Decide!

  1. Margokay

    Cake! I love all of these! No. 1 is gorgeous and fancy and totally you with the peals and classiness :)I love how its stacked on an edge. I really like the metallic and berries on No.4.. ALOT. The gold and dark berries go perfect with your theme/ color scheme. Maybe you could somehow combine them and put berries on the top of No. 1 and sub the pearls for metallic? I love the pearls though, they are equally gorgeous!

  2. Matthew Beemsterboer

    #1 – the off centeredness of it is weird to me. As is the one layer with edible pearls but just strands on the rest. I'd say this cake is perfect if it were centered and only had the single bands of edible pearls at the base of each. Or, had more of a design with the pearls than just an overblown wall of them on one layer.#2 – the metal is so unappealing. Doesn't seem like a wedding cake for… well, you two.#3 – very simple and elegant. I like the vertical lines on the sides of the cakes. Flowers dominate the cake, though.#4 – I like that this one has some tasteful color but, again, not a fan of the metal.#5 – Too much going on here.In summation, I like some combination of 1 & 3 with some subtle, non-dominant, accent coloring to make it pop just a little.-MB

  3. Julie Moore

    My personal favorite is the berry one, especially because those berries look an awful lot like hyldebær, which I suppose is elder berry (…?) in English. They were all over Denmark in the fall and if you cook them, they make delicious jam and a soup that you eat with cookies…if you don't cook them they're poisonous…yay! Style wise, I like number one and number 4 the best. I have to agree with Matt on the metal, but somehow number 4 isn't as metal looking to me. As long as the cake doesn't have walnuts in it 😉

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