Blood Orange Mimosa

I’m not really a drown my sorrows kind of person (anymore). My comfort is/was sugar-filled anything. I turn to a multitude of healthy outlets for my stress these days, but yesterday was a toughie. The real kicker was saying good bye to my brother as he left for boot camp. After we parted ways with Sean and my dad headed home, my mom and I grabbed breakfast at Simple Cafe. We were wiped so my mom drove home and I was left by myself with no motivation to do anything.
So you know what I did? I ate two desserts and drank wine straight from the bottle. Then I fell asleep.
Shut up.
I needed it. You know what would have made my indulgent day even better? Blood Orange Mimosa from Canella. I had it for the first time at Rustico and when I found a bottle of it at Glorioso’s I just had to bring it home.
I never ended up finishing the bottle before it went flat (because I’m healthy like that), but I wish I’d had some to drink yesterday. Because yesterday, I was ridiculous.


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