Air Force Going Away Party

My brother is leaving for the Air Force in 5 days. Where did the time go? Honestly, wasn’t he just a baby wearing a camo costume for Halloween?

Now his room is empty and he’s gearing up for 6 years of being a bad ass. Obviously my little brother leaving for the Air Force is upsetting, but I have to remember to look on the bright side. He’s getting a career, he gets to travel and meet new people, he’s going to have tons of fun (once boot camp is over, of course). Hey, maybe I’ll even get to travel to see him too!

Over the weekend we threw him a party. His friends, family, and family friends all showed up to wish him well and jot down their addresses so he can write letters from boot camp. Air Force boot camp is in Texas so we went with a slight southern theme and served sweet tea, coca cola, and banana pudding for dessert. We also had a build your own sandwich bar, homemade potato salad, and reese’s peanut butter cup brownies (Sean’s favorite candy).

The Drinks

Coca-Cola in a metal bucket we found at Michael’s and Sweet Tea from mason jars. I love the blue striped paper straws we had!

The Food

Our sandwich bar included 4 types of cheese, 3 meats, lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers, spinach, 3 mustards, mayo, oil & vinegar, ranch, and pickles. My mom made her amazing potato salad and brownies. We also had the usual veggie tray and chips. I made vanilla custard with banana slices, fresh whipped cream, homemade caramel and a shortbread cookie all in little mason jars. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing the recipes.

The Decorations

We went with a nose art theme (as you may remember from the invitations) aka scantily clad ladies that were normally painted on planes. Sean loved it. High five to Bryce who printed and mounted everything annnnd made that beautiful banner up top. I also put wrenches in vases since Sean is going into a maintenance field, but nobody noticed so whatever.

Everything came together really well and I’m still eating leftovers, but most importantly I think Sean had a really great time. 
His welcome home party is going to be epic!

4 thoughts on “Air Force Going Away Party

  1. Haley

    Hi my name is Haley and I’m also going into the Air Force. I’m planning my own party and I loved your sign decorations. Is there any way you could possibly give me the information on were to get them or on how to make them?

    • Ashley

      Hi Haley! I’m lucky to be married to a graphic designer so he made it easy. He found the images online and blew them up big in photoshop ( He printed the images on regular paper then mounted them onto a thick foam board that you could easily find at an office supply store. You can use an x-acto knife to cut the board to sizes you want. Just use some spray adhesive to stick the print outs onto the thick board. He just used twine and staples (could use a hot glue gun and ribbon) to attach the boards to each other and hang them. The banner is something you could talk to a print shop about creating (like fedex). I hope that helps!

      Very best of luck with the Air Force, Haley!!

  2. Robyn Olsen

    Love your ides! My son is leaving for boot camp in a few weeks and we are planning a big party for him. Can you tell me where you ordered the custom banner from? I haven’t had much luck finding anything that looks as good as yours. Thanks for sharing!!

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