If Refinery 29 says it’s stylish, I believe it!

I’m a blend into the crowd kind of girl. Flashy jewelry or clothes or makeup (the list goes on) make me nervous. I would love to look fashionable and trendy and I have a lot of great pieces, but when it comes to actually wearing them outside of the house I freak five minutes before walking out the door and change.

Finally, I’m figuring out my style and not caring so much about what other people think. I mean, I just bought a neon green dress. Neon green! That is growth, people. So when I saw an article on Refinery 29 about ear cuffs being the new “it” accessory I thought, “Hey! I have a pair of those! I’m the coolest.”
I got them at an antique store as a part of my brooch bouquet (which isn’t really happening anymore) and I didn’t figure I would ever wear them since I have crazy small ears and they are huge earrings. Apparently, I’m a total fashionista (< sarcasm)for already owning a pair so when I was getting dressed up for a night on the town I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try them out. It took all of my willpower not to take them off before and even during the evening. It’s a miracle that they made it home still on my ears.
I happen to think they are really fun and I’ll probably try them out again for the next celebration.
What about you? Will you be donning the new “it” accessory?

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