Setting Up The Wedding Registry!

Enjoying lunch on the day we set up our registry.

I am a guilty, worried person by nature so the idea of making a list of things for people to buy me wasn’t exactly thrilling. I mean, the act of registering for gifts was SUPER fun, but every time I’m in one of the stores we registered at I think to myself, “Oh I should just buy that for myself right now so no one will have to buy it for me.”

I’m just not good at receiving gifts and I’m definitely not good at telling people what I want. That guilt is magnified because there is this misconception that when you live together before marriage it means that you have everything you need for your home already. Ummm, no. Maybe if you are 33, you’ve been in your career for a while, and living on your own for 10 years +, but I’m still only 23. That means I have $5 Ikea utensils, a brownie tin that we found in Bryce’s first apartment, and a fake version of a KitchenAid that I have to hand spin.
This all led to Bryce and I discussing how and where we wanted to set up our registries. We played with the idea of setting up a honeymoon registry where people can choose to pay for different aspects of your trip like a fancy dinner or whale watching tour. I decided that I didn’t feel right doing that. I just feel like your honeymoon is a very personal trip and the idea of other people paying for it weirds me out. That decision then led us to figuring out what stores we wanted to register at. 
We decided to go with 3 stores for high, medium, and low level gifts. Registering for china these days seems pointless for most people, but not for me. I’m a modern day Suzy Homemaker and I love making dinners and entertaining guests. I can’t wait to have the holidays at my future home and gosh dang it I need nice plates! Honestly, I don’t even care if anyone buys them off of our registry for us, I’ll be buying them myself. Anyway, that’s one of the big reasons our first registry spot was Macy’s.
We started our day off at Macy’s and I’m so glad we did because it was the most VIP experience of the three. After stopping at Starbucks we walked into the little registry suite they have and met with one of their consultants. She got us all set up in their system and gave us the most exciting “toy” ever – the gun! She also gave us a goody bag with a number of items including Godiva chocolates.
With me being me, I had a whole list of the items we needed to register for at each store, but if you aren’t an OCD freak like I am, Macy’s provides a list of the types of items you should be registering for. They also have a count of the number of items you need in each price range according to your number of wedding guests. Like I said, I had already planned this all out and they told me they had never seen someone get so close to the numbers needed in each price range. I patted myself on the back and we headed to PF Changs for lunch.
Crate & Barrel was next on the list and I was pumped. I love Crate & Barrel so, as you can imagine, it was the place where we registered for the most items. Their scan gun was a bit less intuitive than Macy’s and the experience was definitely less VIP, but that’s okay. I just wanted their stuff!

Our last stop for the day was Target and it was a definite disappointment. Not that I was expecting much from Target, but their packet of information had some awesome coupons in it that had expired two years earlier. That is ridiculous. We registered for a few things and headed out. I went home and emailed Target right away about their expired coupons. They offered to send me a $20 gift card in place of the $20 gift card (plus other coupons) that had expired. If there is anything I’ve learned from working in customer service it’s that you get free things when you politely complain. I realized last night after shopping at Target that we never did receive that gift card…so I emailed them again this morning. Oy Target! I love you so much, why are you so bad to me?

All in all it was a really fun day. Bryce and I did a really good job of being relaxed and enjoying ourselves (which, of course, included having wine at lunch). That definitely would not have been possible for me if I hadn’t had everything organized before we started registering.

Therefore, I am going to help you get organized!

Registry Tips:

1. Use a pre-made registry checklist like Crate & Barrel’s and edit it for yourself. For example, I didn’t need any tablecloths because I don’t have a table to cover yet! I didn’t want to register for any and then have them be the wrong size when I finally have a table.

2. Base your number of items off your number of guests. Make sure you have items in every price range. See below!

3. Split out your finalized check list by store. If there are items you want, but don’t know which store you want them from yet put that item on all of your lists and check it off all of them when you find it. If you end up finding a better version of the item and the next store, just go home and edit it off your registry online. Macy’s and Crate & Barrel’s registry sites are particularly easy to edit.

4. Have an amazing day with your fiance! This was definitely one of the most fun “wedding” days we have had. It was a day full of planning our future instead of just planning our wedding which is infinitely more exciting.

Adapted from Squirrelly Minds
Adapted from Squirrelly Minds


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