My Favorite Wellness Reads

It seems like it must be that time of year when people get their annual physicals. Or maybe it’s just the idea of a Spring Detox that is appealing because both Bryce and I have had a number of people come talk to us recently about changing their diets and lifestyles. I’m also in the midst of that myself as I am working to cut sugar from my diet and to exercise daily. I’ve mentioned before that I am definitely not a health professional, but I read a lot. I always try to share my own personal experiences and also what I’m reading/watching with those that ask.

Here are some of my favorite wellness reads – in books and online:


Check out her CSL archives!

Tips on juicing, natural beauty products, detoxing, relaxation and more!

5. In Defense of Food 

A must read!

7. Plenty 

These sites and books give me the warm & fuzzies, but more importantly they give me the tools to cope with anxiety & stress. I’ve learned about meditation, manifestation, and a number of other things that have truly changed my life. We can never be in perfect physical condition without first battling our mental demons. Stress will have horrible affects on your body no matter how much kale you eat!

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