A Very Milwaukee Evening

I really love living in Milwaukee. I just passed my two year anniversary of living here and I still get excited when I see the tall buildings in the distance on my way home from work (my job is in a suburb).
On Friday night I had a very “Milwaukee” evening with my friend Carly.  I’ve mentioned her before as she is the wonderful photographer that took our engagement photos. We started the night off at the Milwaukee Ale House where we enjoyed California burgers (avocado, monterey jack, greens dressed in citrus vinagrette – holy yum!) and a nice view of some beer fermentation tanks. Can’t have a Milwaukee night without any beer involved!

After the Ale House we walked to the Riverside Theater where Alt-J performed. The Riverside is gorgeous. Milwaukee is full of beautiful, old, well kept buildings. The city is known for making building preservation a priority and the Riverside is no exception. It opened in 1928 and has since survived a fire in 1966 and an attempt to turn it into a mall 20 years after that. Thanks 1984 Milwaukee residents for fighting to save it. It’s really quite an experience to attend any show there.

Alt-J put on a captivating show. Of course “Fitzpleasure” and “Breezeblocks” were the big hits, but I was truly entranced for the entire set. Bravo, Alt-J! I can’t wait until they have more music to play. My only complaint was that the show was too short.

I know that Milwaukee isn’t exactly a tourist destination, but we really do have a lot of treasures. I’m proud to call it my home.


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