Hey, remember that time I got a bunch of rocks at Antiques on Second?

Well, I got these awesome cards from Chalet Press while I was there too. Um, they are new, not antiques. Did I need to clarify that?

These cards are adorable screen printed delights and I’m very glad I bought them even though I have no idea what I am going to do with them. I have a bit of an obsession with cards, screen prints, or any form of pretty paper. I’ll just blame that on living with a graphic designer.

My problem is that I buy cute cards/paper when I see them, but when I actually need a specific card I go out and buy one anyway instead of using my stockpile! For example, I bought a birthday card and a going away card last week, but I haven’t used these yet. Ugh.

I just like pretty things. So sue me.

If you would like some pretty things too, check out Chalet Press. They have an online shop and their products are sold at a few stores in Wisconsin.


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