Engagement Photos at Old World Wisconsin

I hate having my picture taken and I hate being the center of attention. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.
Being a bride is probably not going to go well for me. hah!
Somehow I managed to survive having our engagement photos taken by our talented friend, Carly. It definitely helped me to have Carly take our photos instead of a stranger, but it still took me a while to warm up and get comfortable.
The best photos of the day were definitely the ones where I stopped trying to do anything but enjoy being with Bryce at Old World Wisconsin. It was the perfect place to have pictures done because we had a wide variety of locations and enough to do and see that spending the day there didn’t get boring. Tiring maybe, but not boring.

This picture is my absolute favorite. Mostly because I didn’t even know Carly was taking our picture at this moment. I know, it looks totally posed and that’s what is amazing about it. Turns out I just really like Bryce!

The “residents” locked the barn door after we left. I guess they didn’t like us playing with their pitchfork.

We helped make sauerkraut!

Carly did an amazing job, right?! She is a guest at our wedding so we have hired Daniel LaBelle Photography for the big day. He is incredibly talented and we can’t wait to work with him!

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