Brunch at Simple Cafe

My mom and I have a yearly tradition around the holidays of spending one whole day shopping and eating. We always end up just buying presents for each other so it’s actually a pretty unsuccessful holiday shopping trip, but it is always tons of fun.
This year we went to Lake Geneva and we started the day off at Simple Cafe. My mom had been before and she was excited to take me. They have a menu full of jazzed up breakfast foods like Savory Korean Pancakes and Mashed Potato Omelet. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to going back whenever we made the trip out to Lake Geneva again.
Well I didn’t have to wait for a trip, Simple Cafe came to me! I got brunch with my friend, Julie, this past Saturday and decided we should try out the new restaurant that opened up within walking distance from my apartment. I somehow didn’t realize that this Simple Cafe was related to the one in Lake Geneva until I looked up the menu the night before.
I was crazy excited (I may have screeched a little) and they did not disappoint!
I ordered green tea and it came in a cute little pot.
Julie ordered the butternut squash and tofu hash with rye bread. She just came back from 1 1/2 years in Denmark and was upset that her bread was American rye. 
I don’t know what that means, but she made me laugh!

I ordered the Apple Crumble French Toast with Cider Infused Maple Syrup. Good gravy, I can’t remember the last time I had french toast that good.

Long story short, I am incredibly excited that Simple Cafe has moved into my neighborhood. I highly encourage everyone to eat there. You can say hi to me – I plan on spending as much time as possible eating their food!


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