I smell really good. This is my story.
I work in a consumer relationship department at a large company and I’ve learned that consumer testimonials are very important for product development. I have always been amazed by the number of contacts we receive. I’m not talking about complaints, but good testimonials of what people enjoy about the products. 
I never really understood what would make someone contact a company just to tell them that they like what they’re making. Who has time for that?
Well, apparently I do because I contacted Caldrea and told them that I am in love with their new Aromatherapeutic Body line and I pretty much bought everything (okay, I still need to buy the soap, body oil, other soap, other lotion…). I just want them to keep making this line so badly! 
And so I get it now. Maybe this will make me better at my job.
Caldrea has three new fragrances in a variety of body products.

Scent No. 3

Coconut Fig Leaf

I’ve been wearing this roller ball perfume every day and I purchased the body lotion which is the most perfect consistency. Not too thick, not too thin. Goldy locks would love it.
Being a coconut fragrance I thought it might be a little bit too tropical, but it’s actually a very warm and slightly masculine scent.

Scent No. 2

Tea Olive Lime

I bought this perfume for my wedding day. I read that you should buy a new perfume to wear for the first time on that day so every time you wear it after that it will remind you of the big day. It’s also my “something blue” in it’s cute blue patterned bottle!
It’s a very light, refreshing and exotic scent. I think it’s the perfect fragrance for a bright, happy day.

Scent No. 1

Aloe Water Apricot

This is such a beautiful floral scent. It’s probably the most traditional and my least favorite, but I still love it. I just don’t tend to be a floral girl, but I bought a few of this scent as gifts because I think it is the favorite fragrance of most people. You can’t go wrong with this line from Caldrea. I love the packaging for everything – look at the back of those perfume bottles! Love them. 


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