Air Force Going Away Party: Invitations

My “little” brother has joined the Air Force and he is leaving for boot camp in less than a month. I definitely can’t say I’m looking forward to it. It’s funny how your relationship with your sibling changes so drastically as you become adults. I’m 3 1/2 years older than Sean so I think I had juuuust enough time without him to hate his guts for a while when we were little (when he got older he hated mine too…don’t worry). My dad works nightshift so he was home but asleep during the day so every summer it was really just me and Sean. We wanted to kill each other every single day, but once in a while I could get him to play “school” or “restaurant” with me and looking back I’m glad I had a playmate.

We have finally gotten to the point where we genuinely like and care about each other. He texts me when our parents are driving him crazy and I call home to distract my mom or get the scoop on what’s happening so I can report back to Sean. Once in a while he stays with Bryce and I on the weekends and he’s probably the best house guest you could ever ask for.

For some reason I always knew Sean would join the military. Both of my parents did and though they were both out before Sean and I came along, we have definitely always been a military family. I guess I’m the oddball!

I’m so proud of my brother. I know he is making the right choice for his life. When he was in a high school I tried to guide him down a similar path to mine, but it just wasn’t right for him. He found something that’s right and I know that he will be great.

I’m terrified for him, but I’m excited he is starting his life.

And so, we are throwing him a going away party and Bryce and I made some kick ass invitations.

Just to clarify they’re mini military files…in case you don’t get it.

I cut up manila folders, printed labels with a typewriter font and stamped them CONFIDENTIAL. Too bad I don’t have a CLASSIFIED stamp.

The front of the “paperwork” and a headshot for his file.

The back of the invitation – a clue to the party theme.

Sooo, funny story. When Bryce re-designed the front of the invitations he kind of left off the date…

and then I didn’t notice…

but thank goodness my mom did…

Let’s just pretend my date stamp fix was on purpose because it looks cool instead of just being a band-aid for our goof up. Mmmkay?

We are planning some exciting things for the party so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Air Force Going Away Party: Invitations

  1. Shira

    These invitations are absolutely genius ! I love them and I’m hoping to make some just as great. I will be leaving for the air force on June 23 and these invitations are everything I’ve been looking for. I just had one question, how exactly did you cut the manila folders?
    Thanks in advance

    • Ashley

      Thank you, Shira! Cutting the manila folders down was really simple. I could get two mini folders out of one regular sized folder. I just cut them in half from the bottom and then cut them down to a height about 1/4 inch taller than I wanted them to be. I cut the front half of the folder down that 1/4 inch and then the back half I cut down to the same height, but left part of it tall to get the little tab. I hope that makes sense! Best of luck with the Air Force!

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