What is a Week-end?

This past Saturday was incredibly boring.  Bryce and I lounged around the house in our pajamas for…pretty much the entire day.  I don’t even remember what we did.  Watch Whale Wars on Netflix?  I was really in the mood to get out and do something!  Shop in the third ward or visit the historical society, take a crazy Ikea trip or really just do anything that involved getting out of the apartment. 
Bryce didn’t want to leave the couch.  That’s cool. I know I could have gone out by myself, but I was in the mood for an adventure and adventures are not nearly as much fun without him.  I got gloomy and he promised that on Sunday we would do something.  He didn’t know what, but something! 
We went to brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Comet Café.  We are lucky to live a couple blocks down the street from Comet, but for whatever reason we had never gone for brunch.  We decided to give it a try so I got the Vegan Biscuits & Gravy and Bryce got the Breakfast Burrito and a Beermosa.  The food was good, not great, but the atmosphere at Comet made up for that.
Beermosa: Orange Juice & Beer – sounds disgusting, actually delicious.
As we walked home from brunch we discussed where we wanted to go for the day. 
Suddenly Bryce veers off the sidewalk to his parking garage (Yes, his parking garage is blocks away from our apartment. City living, I tell ya!) and I said, “Oooo where are we going?!”
^ the cutest.

He gives me a look and I knew we were destined for…wait for it…IKEA!!!!  This is a big deal.  I love Ikea and it’s over a 2 hour drive for us these days so that means by the time we get there we are both a little bit cranky.  As anyone knows who has been to Ikea with their significant other (or just watched the 30 Rock episode), Ikea is where relationships go to die.  One of our biggest ever fights occurred in the curtains section.  What was it about?  I have no idea, that’s just what the place does to you. 

Bryce knew that I really wanted to take an Ikea trip and get a chair.  I’ve been dying for a big, cozy living room chair for almost two years now.  We started off our adventure with Bryce nearly getting hit by car, me yelling at him for walking directly behind a car that was pulling out and then quickly deciding to get over it since I wanted to make it through the store with our relationship unscathed.

We started in the couches/chairs section and found this lovely, cozy chair. 

I really liked it, but I was looking for the new wingback chair I saw online.  I go around the corner and there it was in all its glory…and what did Bryce say? “Ugh, I don’t like it.”  So I compromise and decide to go with the other chair, but of course it’s out of stock.  Awesome.
That’s okay, we make the most of our trip and get some decorative items for the wedding, miscellaneous stuff like a glass bowl, a shelf thingy for my wine/tea/books during a bath, hangers, a big mirror, and a great little outdoor furniture set.  We have a fairly decent set from Target, but the chairs are too large to fit well on our balcony and the table is too small to have dinner on.
Once we get home I start un-wrapping the mirror and Bryce comes over to help me with it.  

I said: Thanks, but I don’t need help un-wrapping the mirror, you can start on something else.
Bryce: What else is there to do?
Me: …are you serious?
Maybe he thought it was all supposed to be on the floor? P.S. There was more in the kitchen. 
I love that dork.
We got everything put away, but right now there is still snow on our balcony so we set up our outdoor furniture in the living room.  Weird, I know, but for now it looks a little bit like a café! Hah

Kinda cute right?  Bryce thinks Francis (the guy in the painting) makes it look creepy.  Whatever, I love Francis.

So ends our Ikea adventure.  I’m still chair-less, but I know one day my true chair love will find me.  Until then, floor pillows!

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